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Investment casting is a metalworking process that has existed for thousands of years to produce a variety of repeatable and high-precision parts.


Manek casting is an investment casting manufacturer in China, we can provide advanced investment casting services for your application needs.

Investment Casting Custom Services

At Manek Casting, we have advanced technology and facilities, as well as professional design and engineering technical support. We can customize and produce all kinds of precision accessories, accessories with complex surface shapes, and accessories with special requirements for you. This makes us a leading investment casting manufacturer.

Manek Investment Casting Applications Field

Since its establishment, Engineering Investment Casting Co., Ltd. has more than 9,000 resumes of investment castings, and has the experience and ability to handle the most complex and challenging investment casting projects. EPCO provides investment casting services to a range of industries including:

At Manek, the investment casting accessories we manufacture are used across industries, and every industry benefits from the exceptional quality and versatility of our investment castings. Our investment casting application areas include:

Aerospace industry:

Automobile industry:

Medical and Healthcare:

Defense and Military:

Petroleum and natural gas:

Ships and Shipbuilding:

industrial machinery:

Consumer Electronics:

Energy and Power Generation:

General engineering:

Investment Casting Materials from Manek Casting

In the field of investment casting, the choice of metal material is very important to the quality, performance and suitability of the casting. At Manek Casting, we can provide a variety of metal materials that can meet the needs of different industries and applications. The investment casting materials we provide include but are not limited to:

Stainless steel:

carbon steel:

Aluminum alloy:

nickel alloy

Cobalt Alloy:

Titanium alloy:

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