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Shandong Manek Casting Co., Ltd. is a leading investment casting and CNC machining manufacturer in Dongying, China. More than 25 years of experience in precision casting field. We have ISO 9001-2015 and IAFT16949 ISO9001 certificates.

At Manek, we share a common goal: providing high quality investment casting services and exceptional customer service to various industries with competitive prices.which is why in Manek Casting we always put the needs of our clients first.

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What We Do?

Our primary focus encompasses an array of specialties, ranging from lock and door window castings, infrastructure castings, and machinery and mold castings, to the intricate realm of high-precision automotive and motorcycle machinery castings. We also cater to power tool components, stainless steel marine hardware, stainless steel pipe fittings, pump valve parts, stainless steel architectural hardware castings, as well as machinery and equipment parts. Additionally, our proficiency extends to a variety of copper alloy precision castings.

Why Choose Manek Casting

At Manek, we have established several specialized divisions to ensure a comprehensive and efficient manufacturing process. Our divisions include Product Development, Mold and Tooling, Casting, Machining, as well as Storage and Logistics. Additionally, complementing these entities are dedicated Quality Control units, each independent from its respective division. These quality control teams rigorously oversee the production and manufacturing processes within each department.

With over three decades of dedicated development, Manek has evolved into an all-encompassing platform for design, production, and testing. This platform seamlessly integrates customer demand identification, technological advancement, mold design and fabrication, product modeling, precision casting, and machining. Our Product Development division boasts a team of over 30 experienced design professionals, all equipped with advanced design concepts. Over the years, they have established fruitful collaborations with clients from around the world, addressing a myriad of challenges during the product development phase.

Under the purview of our Mold Division, we house an array of cutting-edge machinery, including over 30 sets of three-axis and four-axis machining centers, gantry-style machining centers, EDM, wire cutting, and various other processing equipment. This infrastructure enables us to annually produce more than 2,000 sets of diverse mold and tooling types, ensuring seamless product development and order fulfillment for both our Foundry and Machining Divisions.

Our Strengths

EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our team boasts over two decades of inspection experience, equipping them to effectively address any challenges.

EXTENSIVE VARIETY: We offer a diverse range of casting and CNC machining products, encompassing machinery and equipment components, automotive parts, pump and valve components, marine hardware, and architectural hardware castings.

RAPID DELIVERY: Our three simultaneous production lines enable us to achieve swift manufacturing.

EXPEDITED GLOBAL SHIPPING: With a history of international accessory shipping dating back to 1998, we possess the expertise to place orders for customers while minimizing express shipping costs.

UNSURPASSED QUALITY: Our commitment to excellence is evident through our use of cutting-edge testing equipment and a comprehensive quality control system. This arsenal includes a direct reading spectrometer, tensile testing machine, three-coordinate measuring machine, projector, metallographic microscope, roundness meter, and more.

Unparalleled Lead Times: Streamline your product development cycle by reducing it by weeks—sometimes even months. Transition seamlessly from prototyping to production with injection-molded parts available within days. In certain cases, we can ship injection molding orders in as little as one day.

Injection Molding Expertise: We will guide you throughout your project journey, facilitating a swift transition from prototyping to production. This encompassing support includes various finishing options and detailed inspection reporting.

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